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Good question.

Well, at a high level, it’s all the scores you care about in the palm of your hand. That’s a major over-simplification, though. There are plenty of sites and apps out there that provide sports scores.

So... What makes this different?

OK. Fair enough. What makes ScoreboardMonster different is that our focus is on all the sports the big boys don’t care about. Oh, maybe they care. But, there’s really not any money in it so they ignore it. We are going to focus on High School, Junior High, Pee Wee, and Recreational Sports. Wanna see how the Mayberry Marauders did last night in the big softball game with their rival from Smallville? No problem, we’ve got it covered!

Yeah, right. How the heck you gonna do that?

Well... We’re not... YOU are.

Maybe not “you” specifically. But “you” in a broader sense. Our plan is to apply the IMDB/Wikipedia “crowdsourcing” model to the daunting task of creating a searchable, configurable scoreboard for the millions of games people play every day and night from coast to coast.

If you’re not familiar with the term “crowdsourcing”, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. We are going to outsource the gathering and posting of schedules and scores to the “crowd”. That is, anyone and everyone is empowered to post the scores. Our system will basically act as the conduit through which all of this happens. You post a score, and it is instantly available to anyone else that happens to be interested in that particular game.

Ok, but can’t I just post the score on Facebook and people can see it there?

True enough, but only if they are your friend or if they belong to the “group” you belong to. Social Media sites like Facebook are simply far too general to be a Go To source for this kind of information. If you want to know whether or not the Cowboys beat the Cardinals (sore subject), you aren’t likely to go to FB for the answer unless you happen to be part of a circle of friends that posts about the Cowboys or Cards on a regular basis. And, you certainly aren’t likely to go there to see how the rest of the NFC East fared last Sunday and get a feel for how your team stacks up. You’re going to go to a search engine or, if you are really a fan, you’ll pull up an app like ESPN ScoreCenter. And apps like that are great for Pro and College Sports. But, there’s no equivalent for High School and below. If we can make this happen, there’s gonna be. The web site will, of course, have all that we’ve been discussing. But, the really fun part is that we will also be providing all of this via iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. An HTML5 Smartphone version is also planned to cover “everyone else”.

And, we’re not just going to stop at scores. If the “crowd” is so-inclined, we plan on providing links to Tweet the scores and post directly to Facebook. And, we’re also planning a SportSmack section where you can post encouragement and good-natured “smack talk” about the games. When that happens, we’ll be sure to post our favorite rant about the Rules of Sports Smack. We didn’t write ‘em, but we dust ‘em off every now and then for some entertaining reading.

Of course, our idea won’t be nearly as good as it could be without criticism and input from you. So, comment in the box below and be sure and send us your email address so we can add you to our mailing list.

Let the games begin!

ScoreBoard Team, 2015-01-07 | Posted in General