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If you have made your way to the website, you have stumbled upon (or been led to) something that is absolutely at the very beginning of existence. Many web companies keep everything under wraps and try to “launch” with a presence and critical mass that leads users to believe they’ve been around for months or even for years. They develop and polish their new baby until everything is “just right”, and then unleash their creation to the public.

Well, we are going to try a completely different approach. We’re going to let you in on what we’re up to right out of the chute. In fact, we’re going to let you see what’s going on even before we really have anything going on at all. We may fall flat on our face, we may knock it out of the park. Either way, we’re going to do our best to do it in a fishbowl. You get to watch.

Heck, you even get to comment and debate.

Curious yet? If so, drop us a line and let us know you’re out there. We’ll add you to the list and invite you to watch and participate as we go on this journey.

Meanwhile, browse the site to learn more about