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Category: Business Management, Buy/Sell, M&A

Author: Multiple

Date: March 2013

Tags: BuySell, Valuation, Acquisition

Selling your pool business may be the largest financial transaction of your life. Many small business owners have the majority of their financial net worth tied up in their business, so selling it is a large undertaking.

The decision to sell your business has multiple factors. Finding a buyer is just the start. There are a number of other factors to consider, such as

  • How to structure the transaction (All Cash, Owner Finance, Stock or Asset Sale, etc)
  • Tax considerations and ways to prepare in advance
  • How to determine a fair valuation of the company
  • How to market your company if you want to sell
  • How to protect your asset in case the sale does not close

Our E-Book helps walk you through these and many other tasks that can and should be a part of your process. It is not designed to replace a good advisor/attorney, but will definitely help you better understand what's involved and help you prepare for when you may sell your business in the future.